Stylish airless bottle from Korea

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Illupack offers a number of airless bottles for cosmetic brands and its ILLU15011 airless bottle has been designed with a number of high-end touches for a more luxurious look.

This airless bottle solution features a sleek cylindrical line with an eye-catching space between the cap and bottle that is further highlighted with a metal ring decoration, and the bottle benefits from a heavy base for a glass-like appearance.

Offered in a 50ml volume, the bottle has a robust Ø39.3mm diameter which complements its 141.6mm height absolutely perfectly.

Illupack strives to set new standards for better solutions and all of its premium cosmetic products are produced at its manufacturing facility in Korea.

See the ILLU15011 airless bottle in the product catalog, or browse the full catalog to see other premium cosmetic product options.

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