IMS Packaging introduces air-tight mascara packaging with three optional closure styles

  • IMS Packaging

IMS Packaging believes in rapid change and its positive effect on fashion.

With its flexible ability on packaging solutions and decoration offerings, IMS presents the olive shaped mascara packaging with three different closure designs as well as unlimited brush types that can satisfy various product demands. The packaging interior is made of PP, a common and compatible plastic component for extremely sensitive formulas that holds product safely.

  • Key feature: Air-tight sealing closure and compatible with various cosmetic formulation
  • Packaging Material: PP bottle, ABS cap, POM applicator stick, PE inner plug
  • Blow-Injection plastic component
  • Available decoration: overspray, metallization
  • Available to be made in customized injection color matching of MOQ 50,000 pcs
  • Wide range of applicator brush options for any specific requirement

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