Cosmetic Stick Packaging in Chubby Pen Shape

IMS Packaging introduces 3 options of cosmetic stick packaging in chubby pen shape.


AP-142 is a one-way chubby stick while AP-142B & AP-142C both feature a sponge applicator on the other end in different shapes. All three options can be filled with makeup foundation, sunscreen cream, blush, eyeshadow, and various cosmetic items.



AP-142 single-ended chubby pen

  • Material: Cap & barrel: ABS
  • MOQ 20.000PCS

AP-142B & AP-142C double-ended chubby pen

  • Material: Cap & barrel: ABS; End cap: PETG;
  • Sponge: NBR
  • MOQ 20.000PCS

These cosmetic stick packaging can be decorated with spray coating, metallization, UV coating, silkscreen and hot stamp printing according to specific decoration requirements.

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