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Medical beauty and anti-aging conference at China Beauty

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China Beauty Expo will provide a platform to evoke medical beauty & Anti-Aging awareness in today's China by inviting the well-known experts from Asia and Europe to share their experience and knowledge, and bring the China industry of aesthetic medicine to a new stage.

The conference consists two sessions, anti-aging in the morning and medical beauty in the afternoon.
Date: 19 MAY, 2016 | Venue: Kerry Hotel - Pudong Hall

Introduction of AMWC worldwide and Plan for AMWC China
by Christophe Luino, President, Euromedicom

Morning session - ANTI-AGING

The Anti-Ageing Medicine, what are the secrets in 2016?
Dr. Chauchard Claude (France), Vice Chairman of European Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine, CEO, International Institute for Preventive Anti-Ageing Medicine

Skin Ageing & Beauty
Dr. Kim Myung Shin (Korea), Anti-aging - Medical Doctor, La Clinique de Paris

Female Hormone Replacement and Ageing
Yoke Meng Wong (Singapore), MD, President, La Clinic Hong Kong

Male Ageing & Hormone Replacement
Dr. Lai Ying Ching, David (Hong Kong), Scientific Committee & Lecturer, EuroMediCom

Telomere length as an indicator for aging
Zhao Chao (China), Professor Shanghai medical college, Fudan University

Afternoon session - MEDICAL BEAUTY

Dynamics and trends of medical beauty in China
Yang Zhigang (China), Executive Director, Chinese Association of Plastics and Aesthetics

The application of new materials in facial injection for beauty
Jiang Zhongxiang (China), Executive Chairman, Asia Medical Beauty and Anti-aging Physician Society

Injectable fillers at a glance
Yates Yen Yu Chao (Taiwan), MD, Founder, Chao and Chiu Institute of Dermatology

The latest application of PDO for facial beauty and anti-aging
Kim Hye Kyung (Korea)
Dean, Korean RE skin management

Medical Spas VS Medical Clinics
Johnny Chang (China), CEO & Founder, Spa Solutions Training & Management Consultancy (Shanghai) Limited

The establishment and optimization of Medical beauty service process
Li Muhua (Taiwan), Lecturer, Taiwan BSMY consulting institution

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