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How Jump n' Pour helps food and beverage brands boost sales

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In less than a decade, Jump n' Pour has been making a reputable name for itself in the food and beverage market, and is increasing its reach into other markets. As Jump n' Pour comes close to reaching its tenth anniversary, company founder and Managing Director Doron Rigel joins Webpackaging to tell us how olive oil and spirit brands in particular have been increasing sales thanks to Jump n' Pour's patented pourers.

Tell us about Jump n' Pour...

At Jump n' Pour, we are specialists in the development and implementation of innovative flow solutions as our pop-up pourers have many technical advantages, such as flow control, hygiene, cleanliness, etc. The pourers also prevent flies from getting into drinks as well as alcohol from evaporating, both of which are useful features when a bottle remains open overnight, for example in a bar. Consumers and bartenders don't usually take a pourer out after each serving, or even overnight, so having a pourer that is retracted and "slides" down into the bottle when it is closed is a great advantage as it keeps the contents of the bottle fresh in addition to better control of the liquid flow.

In addition to the technical advantages, there is also the novelty benefit of the pop-up experience: The surprise as the pourer pops up. It's like a "Jack in the box" in its simplicity. Jack will jump out of the box each and every time, and every time you cannot help but smile, even though you know exactly what is going to happen. Our pourers are exactly the same, and it is this differentiation and particularity that helps people bond with the product so that they want to buy it again and continue the experience.

Some of our customers say that we are magicians and do magic as we can make our pop-up pourers appear from seemingly nowhere! It's actually our technical advantage - that by opening a bottle cap we can reveal a pourer.

The jumping pourer offers a fresh new addition to the bottle packaging industry. Previously, it was a case of changing either the bottle, cap or label in order to refresh a brand image. Bottles can only be innovative up to a certain point, so options are limited, particularly in countries where the promotion of alcohol is forbidden and it is far more difficult for brands to promote alcoholic beverages. The addition of the jumping pourer provides a great way in which to innovate but without changing the principal brand image. It is a breakthrough innovation that allows brands to say something new and "cool" without touching their brand image.

Where is Jump n' Pour based?

Our company headquarters is situated in Israel and we have manufacturing facilities in China and Italy.

How did you come up with the concept of the jumping pourer?

I'm originally a plastics engineer and I used to work in plastic injection moulding for our family business that focused on products for the medical industry. I was responsible for the engineering of new products and in that role I worked on the development of the pourer. Initially it was to be part of the family business, but it was decided that a separate company was required for it due to the different manner of working. So, in 2008 Jump n' Pour was created.

How are brands benefiting from adoption of the pourer?

It's actually quite a mix of brands that we are working with. For example, Cobram Estate, Pernod Ricard, La Martinique, Costa d'Oro, Monini, Rocchi, Acesur, Mercaoleo which is part of DCOOP, and many others.

Cobram Estate in Australia is an excellent case study example as since the company introduced the jumping pourers into their bottles, its sales were doubled in the Coles supermarket chain, which is one of the largest in Australia, in a period of just a year. And Cobram Estate is not the only company which as seen significant growth of product sales. We don't see sales figures from our customers, but the feedback we've received has been really positive.

Some of the olive oil companies have been using the pourer to their advantage, promoting it as their unique selling point, as they can show the flow control of the pourer. Usually such companies just market themselves as "best olive oil taste", but the pourer allows them to differentiate in an innovative way.

Everyone talks about innovation or regularly uses the word "innovation", but we aren't just saying it - we are proving that our product really is an innovation. As you can see from Cobram Estate - it really does work!

Is the jumping pourer patented?

Yes, Jump n' Pour has the jumping pourer patented worldwide. Our customers are around the globe, so it was important to ensure that the patent was too.

Has this innovation been recognized by the packaging industry?

Yes it has. We have received two WorldStar awards presented by the World Packaging Organization (WPO). We were awarded the second one last year for a new pourer which we developed for tin canisters.

We've also had people actively looking for us at packaging events where our reception has been really embraced. We'll be exhibiting next at Drinktec in Munich which takes place from September 11th to 15th. Visitors to the event will be able to find us in hall A1 at booth 353 where we'll be happy to show examples and answer any questions.

You mentioned a number of well-known olive oil and spirit brands. Are they your primary market?

We supply our products worldwide, and yes, our largest markets are currently olive oil and spirits. However, the Jump n' Pour jumping pourer also lends itself well to other food products such as syrups, cocktail mixes, seasonings, etc. Although the food and beverage industry is the primary market, it's also ideal for medicinal remedies and chemicals. We're working on conquering the automobile industry because its requirement for steady flow and small holes makes our jumping pourer an ideal solution. Because the pourer is suitable for many types of packaging - glass bottles, PET bottles, jerry cans... - it lends itself to many different markets.

Are your projects customized, or is it a single process that works for everyone?

Every project which we work on is customized as every pourer has to be customized to the bottle, the cap and the filling line.

When a company approaches us to incorporate a pourer solution into its bottles, the process requires that we have both bottle and cap samples so that we can test our available solutions to see if one is suitable. If we already have a product available that fits, then production is fast and easy. If we don't have a product available, then we start working on development. We provide a choice of two or three design options to choose between following our tests to ensure that the pourer perfectly matches with the customer's bottle and cap. Development time for a new line takes between three and six months from a customer's first contact with us until the first order is received, whereas for a product that we have already produced, the time for the client to receive the product is far less.

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