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Setting up a business and establishing a brand is no small feat. There are several things that must be put in place to guarantee a successful endeavor. KBL Cosmetics is a company that offers complete services. We help you from brand ideation to the final process of manufacturing. Brand ideation is a delicate stage for businessas it involves finding a unique way to engage consumers and offer the products they need.

After this, we excel in completing every aspect of production. We specialize in high volume manufacturing and an extensive supply chain. Products are manufactured and packaged in various amounts to suit your needs. We recognize that even when a product is made from the finest materials, packaging can determine its progress in the market.

Your brand products must attract and sustain client attention.

Our guarantee is:

  • Competitive Pricing

Costs you won’t find anywhere else. For a company that manufactures, packages, and distributes our prices are highly affordable.

  • Quality Assurance

We assure you of quality all through from the brand ideation, to the product itself, production process, and much more. Each step is steeped in quality consciousness.

 KBL Cosmetics has worked with several brands, distributed in retail to drug stores, specialty stores, departmental stores, online businesses, and so much more. Isn’t it time you partner with a cosmetic company who gives you full-service solutions? Eliminate so much legwork, paperwork, mental work, and so on. Get it all in a beneficial and fruitful collaborative relationship. We look forward to working with you.

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Body oils help moisturize, nourish and illuminate even the most demanding skins. These light-weight products can be used on all skin types, and their non-greasy texture makes them the ideal product to use before going to bed at night and before applying makeup in the morning. Following the trend of nourishing body oils, KBL has created the range of Gemstone Body Oils. These blends include some of the most powerful, organic essential oils, enriched with minerals, proteins, gemstones and precious crystals.

Protect and prevent illness with custom made and branded Hand Soaps and Sanitizers

Now more than ever we must protect ourselves from illness and viruses by using preventative measures. Using hand soap and washing hands frequently is key, but hand sanitizers are also useful in reducing the spread of illness, especially on the go. That’s why KBL Cosmetics is dedicated to helping consumers by producing formulated soaps and sanitizers, which can be custom made and branded for any company. Capable of creating and branding any capacity of hand soaps and sanitizers, KBL Cosmetics not only supplies the formulas, but provides the packaging as well.

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