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On the way to climate neutrality and sustainability, at KM Packaging we are looking for new ways to make our production even more environmentally friendly each and every day. One solution that we offer is "Post Industrial Resin (PIR)".

Post Industrial Resin (PIR) collects waste that is generated during a manufacturing process but does not make it into the final production. This plastic is collected, sorted, cleaned and melted into post-industrial resin that can then be returned to the circular economy.

With Post Industrial Resin (PIR), we will be able to sort and recycle our in-house plastic waste in the future. Furthermore, all our materials are "food grade certified" and we have the possibility to recycle according to PP Homo and PP copo. In this way, we ensure reliable technical qualities of our Post Industrial Resin (PIR) and thus high-quality PIR closures.

If you need samples or more detailed information, please contact our Sales Team.

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