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KM's Strategy towards climate neutrality

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Achieving goals with different approaches

At KM Packaging we consistently align our thoughts and actions with the ecological demands placed on all companies that want to act in an environmentally conscious and future-oriented manner. The primary goal is to become climate-neutral as quickly as possible and to use renewable raw materials wherever possible.

We pursue practical strategies that make our products even more environmentally friendly and thus more sustainable:

  • Our Tango Fliptop series is manufactured in Ø 35, 40, 50 mm and can be made of PE.
  • We offer PE closures and PP shoulders, supporting our customers with the Monotube.
  • We use PCR and bio-based materials.
  • Ocean Plastic is plastic waste collected from the oceans, and production with Ocean Plastic is already possible today.
  • Ultimately, we succeeded in reducing the wall thickness of bags and cartons, and we introduced returnable packaging. In this way, we generate less packaging waste and reduce the burden on the environment.

Reduced energy consumption through efficient control systems

With us, the motto “everything from a single source” takes on a new dimension: we design, we develop and produce. Our multi-layered know-how is reflected in an expertise that creates new perspectives in terms of quality and climate neutrality.

This is already evident in the production facilities that distinguish each site. We make optimum use of intelligent control systems as well as enhanced cooling and waste heat technology. Our outstanding air exchange system enables us to efficiently reduce the energy consumption of our manufacturing processes, thereby making our products significantly more climate-friendly.

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