Precise application is possible with KM Packaging's cannula caps and nozzles

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Unlike most personal care products, both pharmaceuticals and cosmetics require precision when being applied, especially if the packaging they come in is a tube and we don't want customers using their fingers or other products to spread its content. That is where cannula caps and outsert/insert nozzles come in handy, as they are the perfect solution to control the amount of product dispensed at a time and they are ideal to perform on smaller areas of the body.

KM Packaging has created a top-notch portfolio of both cannulas and nozzles to deliver a complete set of closures for the three markets. It is important however to know when and how to choose each of the solutions at your disposal.

The insert nozzle is used when -for product or application- related reasons, an aluminium thread is less suitable. It is snapped onto the tube, creating a unified product that works in tandem for precise application. It must be considered, though, that inserts are double-skirted and therefore cannot be used for membrane tubes.

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