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KM Packaging Joins the Zero Pellet Loss Initiative to Protect Ecosystems

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At KM Packaging, our dedication to the environment is at the forefront of everything we do. As an injection moulding company working with plastics, we understand the responsibility we have towards the planet and the importance of sustainable production practices. That's why we have implemented several internal projects to reduce waste and bring forward a more sustainable economy.

One of our significant endeavors is our participation in the IK Initiative called "Zero Pellet Loss". As part of this project, we voluntarily commit to self-disclosure and take all necessary steps to prevent the spillage of pellets and ensure that none of them are released into the environment.

By participating in the Zero Pellet Loss initiative, we join forces with other like-minded organizations to address the issue of plastic pellet loss. We understand that every small action counts in the pursuit of a cleaner and more sustainable future. Through our active involvement, we aim to contribute to the reduction of plastic pollution and demonstrate our commitment to responsible plastic management.

Want to learn more? Contact KM Packaging and discover our eco-friendly initiatives and solutions.

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  • Modified 09 Jun 2023
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