Kornelis' 3680 bi-injection cap

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Once again Korenlis has designed a cap where the benefits will be instantly apparent to companies yet fairly transparent to consumers.

The new 3680 bi-injection cap takes advantage of cutting edge manufacturing techniques to create a one piece, snap on, flip top closure.

The benefit to a company is the price. The closure is incredibly cost effective and time efficient, requiring only one hit of bi-injection to create the full piece. Complete with a tamper evident pull ring that doubles as a retaining seal, the consumer can easily pull the ring and open the closure without any spills or messes, and the flip top portion retains its living hinge properties throughout the life of the product.

Key features:

  • New bi-injection flip top closure
  • Excellent opening properties for consumers
  • Pull ring can be removed easily without spilling
  • Consist out of 1 part only – production process is very cost efficient

In addition to their extensive catalogue of standard caps and closures, Kornelis also has all the necessary facilities to produce uniquely designed, custom made closures.

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