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Kornelis has introduced a new syrup cap to its already wide array of closure options. The new cap is extraordinary in that sense that it genuinely provides the consumer with a non-drip solution for sticky liquid products, with a deceptively simple design that makes it inexpensive as well as functional.

Apart from being easy to pour from, the new caps also feature ergonomic patterning around the entirety of the closure to ensure an excellent grip. The pattern rises and falls in a wave, giving the cap a more dignified look than other comparable models.

Comprised of two pieces, the caps allow for the flow of viscous liquids, in this case syrups, with an inner lip to retain excess that other caps don't contemplate and that leave bottles sticky and distasteful to grasp. The new syrup cap ensures drops never occur, leaving bottles as pristine as on the day they were purchased.

Kornelis has ensured the no-drip closures guarantee a perfect seal, even after the vacuum-packed container has cooled down after having been hot filled. This is a major benefit to products that do not contain any preservatives, to ensure freshness.

The caps were showcased this year at the Packaging Innovations show in Birmingham, to rave reviews. Kornelis also made sure to present the closure in style, with a new booth to match its new website and corporate identity. Along with the syrup caps, the company also let show-goers have a look at other ranges, like its popular E-caps line, it's IML items, and its sprinkle caps, all of which were well received.

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