Kornelis releases a useful new 43mm sprinkle cap

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In the food market, there are many closures dedicated to providing easy dispensing of loose, dry products, like spices, herbs, decorative toppings for baked goods, and others. Kornelis provides a wide array of solutions for this sort of product, not least of which is the firm's latest 43mm sprinkle cap.

The new one piece flip top closure is easy to open and use and is geared toward dry products that are medium to large in size. Whereas spice caps typically offer a number of holes for dispensing smaller grains or leaves, the 43mm closure comes with one of two aperture sizes, either large or medium. Hence, it's easier to dispense items that are not in powder or small granule form, like chocolate sprinkles, rosemary needles, rock salt, and other such products.

The custom closures are set to be used on a variety of small glass bottles, but can be happily paired with plastic containers as well. No matter what sort of dry good product is to be dispensed, the new 43mm dispensers are sure to offer consumers a simple and effective way to get at their products.

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