Kornelis' 2K injection cap

Kornelis, one of the Netherlands' leading companies, have recently introduced a new design to its injection moulded caps for syrup products. It is a continuous opening pulltab cap that is built to last from first use all the way through last.

2K injection moulding means processing two different plastics (or two different colours of the same material ) into an end product using one injection moulding process. In this case the second component provides the TE. As such, Kornelis adds to its extensive catalog of caps and closures with an unprecedented ability to customize the product.

The goal was for Kornelis to once again develop a cap that suits end consumer needs. The new caps not only offer an attractive presentation, they are also easy to open top and close, avoiding spills and keeping the product in good condition.  The closures are also available for PET jars or other sorts of containers.

The cap is made considering people: it is consumer tested and available in transparant and opaque.

Key features:

  • Non-drip, reclosable dosing cap
  • Easy opening pull-tab


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