New dosing cap provides fitting choice for plant food

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To the uneducated a dosing cap is a cap which offers pouring capability. Cap specialist Kornelis knows that there is far more to designing a closure than providing the functionality of a closure and its new dosing cap has been produced especially for measuring and pouring plant food.

Kornelis' new PP dosing cap incorporates measurement levels inside the cap to ensure the correct amount of feed to be poured, each and every time. By incorporating the level inside the cap, it is easy to view and therefore simpler to measure out the correct amount.

The Dutch company has also included a multi-tab induction heat seal to ensure that the product cannot be tampered with prior to being opened by the consumer, providing a visual clue to the products' integrity and offering assurance that the plant food cannot leak out when being transported home.

To ensure ultimate brand recognition, the cap includes the logo embossed on the top.

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