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Kornelis produce special range of caps for Voss waters

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Kornelis caps & closures have been the supplier of Voss caps for many years. Next to the light grey cap the range has been expanded with two new colours.

The caps, featuring a special liner to ensure a safe and tight close, have been colour-coded to reflect the different types of beverages on offer from Voss, a Norwegian-based brand of bottled water. Light grey caps are used for still water, dark grey for sparkling water and white for their flavoured waters.

In addition, the dark grey caps include an inlay – specially designed for sparkling water and to withstand the test of extreme conditions.

Two sizes of PP caps were created to perfectly match the different sizes of drinks offered by Voss. The 31mm cap is used for their 375ml glass bottles, whereas the 38mm cap goes with their larger 800ml glass bottles and 850ml PET bottles.

This stylish range of caps were produced in close collaboration with Voss, helping to strengthen the Voss brand, as well as to easily differentiate the three beverages on offer.

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