Kornelis extends IML options to include 63mm plastic cap

Renowned caps and closures manufacturer Kornelis has updated one of its popular caps, the 3360 model, to a form part of its collection that is moulded from the inside, rather than the outside. This means that this cap can now benefit from in-mould labelling, in order to make it easier to create a pre-decorated item.

The adjustment to this cap means that the range of inside-moulded caps is now more complete; brands have the option to select the latest 63mm model, along with the existing 66mm, 70mm, and 82mm caps. This ensures that companies are able to create a full product line that benefits from these fabulous decoration options.

In-mould labelling is the perfect way for brands to make their products stand out on the shelves, since it fuses high-resolution images within the packaging in an extensive range of colours. The exquisite image quality provides brands a further opportunity to enhance product branding, without any extra time needed for the decoration process as the decoration is incorporated within the mold.

This design technique is also very versatile since the labels can be centrally positioned in a variety of sizes and can extend down over the side of the caps if required.

Both scratch and scuff resistant, Kornelis' polypropylene 3360 twist-off caps are guaranteed to appeal to consumers throughout the product's lifecycle, right up until the point at which they are recycled.

Brands keen to develop product lines that benefit from this new cap are invited to check the full specification details here, along with the rest of the company's extensive product catalog.

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Kornelis has been recognized as a market leader on numerous occasions for its contribution to sealing technologies and their implementation in packaging production. One of Kornelis' areas of greatest expertise is in liners designed to provide an extra layer of security to consumers as well as a barrier to prohibit premature staleness or spoilage. Recently, the company's Multi-Tab liner has garnered attention as a unique market offering for companies wishing to provide a very high level of security and functionality.

Kornelis, Europe's premier provider of innovative closure solutions for a number of consumer good sectors, has provided the new closures for Pip & Nut food products. Pip & Nut produces "tasty natural nut butter" products and currently sells within the UK market. A small start-up firm receiving significant media attention, Kornelis' cap jibes well with Pip & Nut's progressive environmental awareness, offering a cap that requires less energy and fewer raw materials to produce and results in less waste and reduced transportation costs.

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