Kornelis's vibrant 82mm caps can benefit from IML

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Committed to providing high-quality closure solutions for packaging, Kornelis presents a solution which is ideal for crowning the top of food jars.

Kornelis has thoughtfully designed its 82mm screw cap in a way which means that it can only be moulded from the inside and allows the option of in-mould labelling decoration. The use of IML enables brands to customize the product to suit marketing needs. In turn, brands can create a packaging design that is highly appealing to consumers from the shelf.

The use of IML with the 82mm screw cap ensures an eye-catching pack - particularly when paired with a clear jar.

IML is a fantastic way for firms to create bespoke packaging, as it efficiently produces high-quality labels and reduces the manufacturing time by eliminating the need for a separate decoration process, since this can be incorporated within the mould, and offers another area for brand to consumer communciation.

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