Dual sprinkle cap gives consumers more control

A new diameter sprinkle cap has been added into Kornelis' assortment of caps and closures. The new addition features two ways for the consumer to sprinkle out the content, enabling the user to control the amount of product they wish to expel.

Plastic sprinkle caps are popular with consumers as the output can be easily controlled, making them an excellent choice for small food granules. Sugar, colored sprinkles, herbs, spices, and more are ideal products for use with this sprinkle cap with dual opening.

"It's important to invest in research and development in order to continue to improve upon your products, because when your packaging works well, your customers are happy. Our new CT sprinkle cap has been produced taking into account the particular requirements of the food sector."

The new continuous thread (CT) sprinkle cap is manufactured in a 38mm diameter, to fit smaller volume jars cleanly. It can be produced with different seals as well as in a rainbow of colors to stand out from the shelf, as well as to match with brand lines.

As a further benefit to the consumer, the flip tops on both the large aperture and the multi-hole aperture are sturdy to ensure that the product within the packaging stays fresh for a longer period of time, whilst incorporating a convenient indent that makes single-handed opening easy and comfortable.

Kornelis also offers a similar dual aperture sprinkle cap in a 63mm diameter option.

Sprinkle cap specifications

  • Reference: 3752
  • Diameter: 38mm
  • Height: 17.5mm

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