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Kornelis is live! A new face, a new style and a new course; that calls for a new website as well. Of course, the company continues to offer its clients the same high-quality caps and closures as before. Kornelis 2.0. a renewed introduction.

Great things together

What is Kornelis 2.0? A company built on a familial foundation, powered by a team of loyal and highly experienced employees. They all possess a positive attitude and a forward-thinking mindset. More than eighty years of experience with the development and production of caps and closures make Kornelis an undisputed expert in this field. What characterises Kornelis is its direct and honest culture. The company not only strives to retain its employees, but also keep them constantly inspired.

“We are always looking for young talent to whom we can offer an innovative and inspirational work environment,” says Gerben de Boer, CEO of Kornelis caps & closures.

Sustainability is our top priority

With innovation also comes improved sustainability. The material and weight of these products are constantly being improved and sustainable alternatives and reusable materials are used whenever possible. For example; the production and recycling processes are simplified by using only one type of plastic instead of two. Kornelis also uses lightweight caps that are produced with the bare minimum of plastic. In other words, Kornelis keeps processability in mind at every stage of the process. After all, when it comes to recycling, every ending is a new beginning.

Top Challenge

Kornelis has developed a sustainable strategy for the coming years. It is centred around going green and contributing to the realisation of a circular economy. Within five to ten years, we want to produce all our caps and closures using sustainable materials that are 100% recyclable. It's that simple. Our goal is to make reuse a key aspect of the design and production processes of our caps and closures.

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