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Sustainability at Kornelis

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Sustainability is a keyword across the packaging industry and being green is also central at Kornelis.

Striving for a genuine measurable change the Kornelis production facilities use as little electricity as possible. The factory runs on green electricity produced through solar panels which run electric machines and the plant is fully equipped with LED lighting.

Recently 2 older machines have been replaced by electric machines and as a result, Kornelis consumes less oil. The cooling system used in the injection molding process is completely chemical-free and the oil cooling system is also closed to further enhance the company's sustainability ethics.

Kornelis' goal for the coming years is to minimize its footprint as quickly as possible. To find out more about the company's complete sustainability strategy, visit the sustainability page at Kornelis.com.

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Kornelis has been recognized as a market leader on numerous occasions for its contribution to sealing technologies and their implementation in packaging production. One of Kornelis' areas of greatest expertise is in liners designed to provide an extra layer of security to consumers as well as a barrier to prohibit premature staleness or spoilage. Recently, the company's Multi-Tab liner has garnered attention as a unique market offering for companies wishing to provide a very high level of security and functionality.

Kornelis, Europe's premier provider of innovative closure solutions for a number of consumer good sectors, has provided the new closures for Pip & Nut food products. Pip & Nut produces "tasty natural nut butter" products and currently sells within the UK market. A small start-up firm receiving significant media attention, Kornelis' cap jibes well with Pip & Nut's progressive environmental awareness, offering a cap that requires less energy and fewer raw materials to produce and results in less waste and reduced transportation costs.

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  • Modified 20 May 2021
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