The art of in-mold labelling for a stylish and sustainable closure

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Kornelis has many years of experience in the use of in-mold labelling (IML) for the decoration of its caps and closures. The Dutch company has recently expanded its capability with a top-of-the-line IML machine which is offering brands closures with high-end decoration.

Kornelis can now supply perfectly labelled closures in diameters of 63mm, 66mm, 70mm and 82mm. And, as any desired label design is possible brands are assured of an outstanding finish for their product.

What is in-mold labelling?

IML is a technique in which a pre-printed polypropylene (PP) label is placed into a mould and then molten PP is then added. As both elements are PP, the material fuses together and during the curing process takes on the shape of the mold.

The result is a closure whereby the label and packaging are integrated as one single piece.

What are the benefits of IML?

IML offers multiple benefits compared to other forms of decoration. Kornelis's IML machine ensures that each IML decoration is perfectly placed in the same spot each and every time so that every single cap produced by Kornelis for a customer is exactly the same with no off-center variations.

As one single piece that is manufactured in PP, the closure can be recycled following use, without the requirement for separation of materials, and its material can go on to be used once as a brand new product, thus saving resources.

If you are curious to see how IML works, then watch this video.

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