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Kornelis caps & closures has spent over 80 years in the production of caps and closures for every imaginable product. And while Kornelis can rely on its long history, innovation remains our driving force. At first glance, the role of a closure seems straightforward and not overly complex: the cap has a functional purpose. It keeps a product safe and offers optimal ease of use. However, under a layer of simplicity lies a matter of detailed craftsmanship that lets one closure stand above the others.

A great example is the sprinkle cap, a screw closure with two options for product dispensing. One side provides a flip-top wide opening that allows larger quantities of product to come out at once. Ideal for use in recipes that require a specific amount of the product (a spoonful, a set number of grams, etc.). And the other half is designed for sprinkling, to garnish or spice up a finished meal. The sprinkle cap is available in 38 and 63mm.

The Kornelis Difference

But the Kornelis difference comes when we look for further details. At the company, we are aware every brand has different needs, and sustainability is one of a series of key factors currently taking over the market. Though we provide a wide variety of colours, these caps are mostly sold in black. As the packaging industry is aware, most black and dark-coloured plastics are difficult to sort in post-consumer waste because they are not visible to the optical or Near-Infrared (NIR) detectors, which are widely used in recycling facilities.

When dark plastics cannot be sorted by color or polymer type, they can enter the waste stream destined for landfill or incineration or reduce the value and opportunities for re-use of the sorted plastic fractions. This is why Kornelis invested in colouring technology that allows the black colour in its caps to be NIR detectable. Enhancing recyclability and helping keep the planet green.

Check here how we make a sprinkle cap:

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