Kornelis' Screw Caps Suit a Wide Variety of Markets

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Kornelis caps & closures has worked for over 80 years in the production of caps and closures for every imaginable product. With both standardised and custom orders, the company's portfolio is continuously expanding and developing high-quality sealing and dispensing solutions for the packaging industry.

Among its offer of screw-on caps, you can find the 62mm plastic screw cap with an inlay seal. Showcasing a thick rib design that creates additional friction for a better grip, it is easy to open and close, and works perfectly for the beauty, personal care, food, and beverage markets.

The liner seal is available in a variety of options including cardboard, induction, glued liner, PP foil, alu foil, pergamin, PE foam, and specials.

Kornelis Screw Caps Suit a Wide Range of Markets

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