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    Twinbag, the perfect match to pack 2 incompatible or complementary formulas

    Developing ever more effective solutions and efficient packaging options, Lablabo is known for its technical expertise and its high efficiency airless dispenser range. 

    Lablabo has developed the Twinbag line that has two separate dispensing options for two incompatible or complementary formulas. The Twinbag line can dispense any viscosity:

    • each formula can be dispensed independently
    • the two formulas can be simultaneously dispensed by separating them until ready to use

    The Twinbag line is filled by gravity and can be incorporated into just about any filling line. The product can be used upside down and has a high restitution rate.

    Technical details : 

    • Available volumes : 2 x 30ml to 2 x 85ml
    • Available output: 2 x 0.25ml to 2 x 1ml
    • Options : SOLO (single actuator), DUO (double actuator)
    • Pouch material : PE
    • Wide range of available raw materials
    • Wide range of printing/decoration options: offset printing, silk-screening, hot stamping

    All features of Lablabo's packaging are beneficial to and work for cosmetic customers, but they primarily increase formula protection. All Lablabo's airless pouch dispensers offer and demonstrate different specific features from the original concept, have a look at their catalog here.


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