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Lameplast celebrates 40 years of research and innovation

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On Friday 27 May, Lameplast celebrated its first 40 years with a big event attended by its founding partners – Giovanni Ferrari, Evro Fabbri and Antonio Fontana –, the authorities, employees and a number of international clients at its headquarters in Rovereto sulla Secchia. The event was an opportunity to remember the birth of the company, an experience that, thanks to the entrepreneurship of its founding partners, Giovanni Ferrari, Evro Fabbri and Antonio Fontana, has led to the innovation and excellence of Made in Italy around the world.

The morning began with an opening address by the Chairman of Lameplast, followed by speeches from the Chairman of the Region Stefano Bonaccini, the mayor of Novi di Modena Luisa Turci, the Chairman of Confindustria Modena Valter Caiumi and the mayor of Sant’Agata Bolognese Giuseppe Vicinelli.

"We were founded 40 years ago", said Ferrari, "and this is a very important day for us. We are celebrating a history that I am proud to share with my partners and with all of our staff. It has been four years since the earthquake and today we can safely say that we dealt with that difficult time very well: production resumed just one month after the quake and we continued to believe that we would go on to grow further."

The Chairman of the Region, Bonaccini, spoke specifically of the ability of Emilian companies to bounce back:

"The 2012 earthquake struck tens of thousands of homes, churches, schools, public buildings and industrial premises. It was the first economic earthquake in Italy's history: never had so many businesses been hit in a single territory.

I believe that Lameplast has been the 'plastic demonstration' of two things: firstly, it showed that a small company founded in the region was able to be the figurehead for what have been called the Emilia-Romagna miracle companies, and secondly it has been able to continue to keep its ties to the region, to do business well, and to demonstrate excellence not just here but around the world."

The authorities then visited the Lameplast plant, where the famous single-dose pharmaceutical container was first designed. The day continued with a lunch event at Villa Tagliata (Mirandola), where guests saw a film commemorating Lameplast's 40 years in business and heard a speech from the Chairman of Farmindustria contract manufacturing group, Giorgio Bruno.

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