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Libo gel compacts: New gel decoration makes compacts come alive

Libo Cosmetics, one of Asia's leaders in the development of decoration techniques and technology for the cosmetic sector, has released a new decoration option that's proving to be one of this year's biggest eye-catchers. The new compacts offer a stunning new technique where imagery is combined with gel application to create a look that's incomparable.

The company offers a variety of different examples that showcase possible implementations of the new decoration process.

libo-img.jpgFirst, using a simple compact base, Libo has been able to apply gel directly to the surface while blending it with a specific colour, offering a sparkle effect that can only be achieved through the use of Poly Gel. The effect is galactic. The base colour sets along with the gel to create small prismatic spots that shimmer and dance as the compact is moved, capturing and reflecting light. The compact seems as if it's in constant movement even though it's still.

Second, the gel can be used to create a feeling of depth and brilliance. As a sample, Libo took a simple foil sticker with an appropriate motif and put it on a compact, applying gel to the surface to harden. When solid, the gel creates a smooth and brilliant layer that makes the image underneath come alive with light, making it seem as if it possesses depth and highlighting the extraordinary printing of the image.

In either case, Libo is constantly testing new materials and actively seeking new techniques. This way, the company can offer the most comprehensive set of decoration options possible. Customers get everything they need, beyond what they even know exists.

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  • Modified 29 May 2018
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