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LuxePack's 2-day conference developed to ignite packaging innovation

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Hear from various packaging, design, marketing, and innovation experts who will share high level industry insight to inspire new creative packaging foresight and inspiration in addition to offering solutions to current packaging pain points at LuxePack Los Angeles on February 7th and 8th, 2018.

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Conference 10.00-10.45am: Bringing New Excitement to Fragrance Packaging

Today’s upstart fragrance brands are simultaneously embracing and challenging perfume’s traditions by exploring new distribution models, focusing on consumers’ lifestyles, delivering unique designs and scents, and bringing an enhanced level of mindfulness to ingredient and packaging decisions. This panel will explore the changing consumer mindset, the challenges of the fragrance category in the social media age, the digital revolution’s impact on upstart brands and what it takes to design fragrance brands for today’s discerning consumer.

Moderated by Jeb GLEASON - Editor-in-Chief, GCI
Eric KORMAN - Founder and CEO, PHLUR
Krystal Quinn CASTRO - Co-Founder and Perfumer, LOS FELIZ BOTANICALS

Conference 11.30-12.00pm: Spotlight Interview

Meet Andrew Gibbs ,"INNOVATOR IN THE WORLD OF DESIGN" and founder, CEO, and Editor-in-Chief of The Dieline, the #1 website for packaging design. Hear his personal insights on the future of the packaging industry and his take on upcoming packaging trends.

Moderated by Andrew DENT, Vice President of Research at Material ConneXion, and Chief Material Scientist at SANDOW.

Conference 1.00-2.00pm: Is Wellness The New Luxury: Is Healthy And Happy the Future of Luxury Retail?

As consumers spend on health and wellness grows, the luxury industry is getting in the game. There is a paradigm shift in the definition of luxury and modern lifestyle as the next generation starts to come into its own. Aspirations and desires around a wellness lifestyle (or perceived wellness lifestyle i.e. healthy selfies) are becoming indicators of luxury. The elite industry panel of brand executives and market analysts and will discuss this “new standard” for luxury and how brands will be reacting to this new realm of retail.

Moderated by Jeb GLEASON - Editor-in-Chief, GCI
Ayako HOMMA - Senior Analyst - Beauty & Fashion, EUROMONITOR INTERNATIONAL
Rebecca BARTLETT - Founder & Creative Director, BARTLETT BRANDS
Ken LYNCH - Global Vice President Product Development, ESTEE LAUDER

Workshop 2:30-4.30pm: Historical Scents For Wellness Products

The Institute for Art and Olfaction’s Saskia Wilson-Brown will lead a hands-on workshop exploring historical materials used in wellness, beauty, and healing. Drawing from her research into ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian traditions and uses of scent, as well as contemporary healing practices, Wilson-Brown will present a selection of historical materials for the group to smell, as well as facilitate a group blending exercise. A truly added value event for innovators looking to magnify their brands/products with olfaction elements.

Saskia WILSON-BROWN - Founder and Executive Director, THE INSTITUTE FOR ART & OLFACTION

Thursday, February 08, 2018

Conference 10.00-11.00am: The New Normal: Sustainable Packaging Trends

The once-niche trend of “going green” has hit the mainstream—and brands simply can’t afford to ignore the higher standards demanded by today’s consumer. This session will examine recent trends in sustainable packaging and highlight brands that have mastered the balance of insta-friendly and earth-approved.

Lauren GOLIK - Associate Art Director, BARTLETT BRANDS
Cynthia STERLING - Founder, Sterling CREATIVEWORKS

Conference 11.30-12.30pm: 360⁰ Perspective Sessions - Exhibitor Solution Series

LUXE PACK exhibitors will present their 360⁰ degree full perspective manufacturing capabilities.

Exhibitors will co present ALONG WITH A BRAND their CAPABILITIES FROM PACKAGING DESIGN CONCEPT TO END OF PRODUCTION (case studies). A perfect opportunity to hear how packaging experts project manage and address packaging innovation pain points and challenges.

Conference 1.00-2.15pm: How to Make a Statement Packaging Piece: The Power of Iconic Packaging

A high level discussion on how packaging for the Beauty and Wine and spirits markets can be made to create consumer excitement for retail, direct-to-consumer sales, the digital channel and social media engagement. Manufacturers and their brand partners must design product packaging not only for retail but also for a marketplace that's moving beyond brick and mortar. Hear how social media is influencing packaging decisions and how brands are reacting to the shift from in-store to in home shopping.

Moderated by Ayako HOMMA - Senior Analyst - Beauty & Fashion, EUROMONITOR INTERNATIONAL
Burton KAKEHASHI - Director of Packaging, STILA COSMETICS
Sheri L KOETTING - Co-Founder and Chief Strategist of MSLK
Jenn GRABENSTETTER - Global Marketing Leader, SEALED AIR

Conference 2.30-3.15pm: Time to Market, Collective Intelligence and Product Development

Time to market is gold in a world where customers are always more versatile. New Product Development (NPD) and related business process like artwork and especially packaging collaboration for example can be shortened between 30-60% with adapted methodologies and tools.

Jean Christophe Calmejane, CEO of Lascom, will present methods and best practices to be implemented. A passionate devotee of the cosmetics business, Jean-Christophe Calmejane has consulted with many companies with regard to the best practices for improving their businesses.

Jean-Christophe CALMEJANE - Executive Director Lascom Solutions Inc North America and Pacific & Lascom Group France

Conference 3.45-4.15pm: THE SHORTEST HORROR STORY

Peter Neumeister, founder of Neumeister in Stockholm and Malmö, Sweden is here with us at Luxe Pack to share what it takes to develop a successful luxury brand in the wine and spirits industry. Hear what it takes to attract trendsetters, early adaptors, and the rest of a target audience that’s necessary to provide a strong, solid Return on Investment. Also learn how what’s defined as “Luxury” in this market is shifting from old, established brands to upstarts with limited editions that are focused on satisfying an ever-changing demographic. What’s cool tomorrow is already here today - if you are among the fortunate few who are tuned in to “what’s next”.




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