Majesty Valve Focus on Plastics Recycling and Green ECO-Pack Dispensing Closures

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Majesty Valve produces "Safe and Healthy Products" with a purpose, and their 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) principles are integrated into fields like packaging design and production. As a result, Green ECO-Pack dispensing closures from Majesty help brands and their clientele reduce the carbon footprint of their personal care and household cleaning habits.

Available in 28mm, the all-plastic environmentally friendly trigger sprayers are ideal for bathroom cleaning, car care, and kitchen surface keeping. The dispensing pumps are perfect for foamy soaps, cleansing formulations, hair sprays, air care, sunscreens, lotions, mists, and shower gels.

Join Majesty in their concrete actions to create a more beautiful world at home by producing superior environmentally friendly products that will reduce the carbon footprint of their entire lifecycle from the initial source.

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