Manjushree India

Manjushree India

Manjushree India (Manjushree Technopack Ltd) is the largest rigid plastic packaging converter in India and a complete rigid packaging solution provider.

Manjushree India is a complete rigid packaging solution provider, boasting a capacity of 225,000 MT across 20+ plants in 10 states  and presenting a wide portfolio of 1000+ products that are popular in India as well as in major countries globally.

Our major business units are Preforms, Containers, Caps & Closures and Pumps & Dispensers served across major consumer verticals such as FMCG, Agrochemicals, Paints, Alcoholic Beverages, Lubricants, Pharmaceutical, and much more.

We cater to every major brand with a rich customer portfolio of 400+ regular brands on board. 

Manjushree has over 40 years of industry experience and continues to deliver best-in-class products to all its customers whilst pioneering innovation.

Our milestone achievements include:

  • 1987  Opening of our first flexible plastic factory
  • 1996  Expansion into rigid plastic packaging through new factory
  • 2003  Introduction of the multilayer co-ex barrier and hot fill PET technologies to India
  • 2010  India's largest PET preform & bottles manufacturer
  • 2013  Largest PET converter in SE Asia
  • 2020  Establishes 'Born Again' plastic recycling facility
  • 2022  Expansion into Caps & Closures offering