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Airless packs are highly sort-after in the personal care market, due to the many benefits the packaging allows for the product to include more active ingredients, while protecting the formula from outside contamination.

MayPak Packaging has been able to offer handy travel-sized airless packs in 30ml and 50ml which have been designed with the environment in mind. The packs are completed in PP, which is a solid eco-friendly choice as it is not only fully recyclable, it does not release any harmful chemicals during production. 

The bottle's structural design fits comfortably in the palm of your hand due to its wide neck and soft curved corner. The pack can be easily dismantled and reassembled for re-use into 3 parts: the pump head, the main body and the dust cap. The dust cap is a further element of this packaging solution that works to protect the product and also prevent accidental pumps during travel. 

The wide shape of the bottle creates a generous space for individual branding and decoration of which UV, painting, thermal transfer and silk printing is available. 

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