All Plastic Fantastic: The All Plastic Lotion Pump

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There are many reasons why All Plastic is fantastic, so Maypak’s newest collection of products includes a range of All Plastic trigger sprayers and lotion pumps.

With All Plastic solutions, formulas are no longer at risk of reacting to the metal spring and the pack is easier to recycle after use.

The All Plastic Lotion Pump

Maypak’s Eco-friendly All Plastic Lotion pump is completed using widely recyclable PP plastic. Where conventional pumps of this style use metal springs, Maypak has been able to achieve an equally reliable pump using an innovative plastic spring and pom ball.

Incorporated into the pump is an effective locking system, whereby the pump can be locked by twisting clockwise and unlocked once more anticlockwise.

Different combinations and customizations

As well as providing a smooth press dispensing of products including lotions and pumps, the All Plastic pumps is versatile and customizable, coming in various styles and fits.

The pump can come in a smooth or ribbed finish, fit neck sizes 24/410 and 28/410 and offers a choice of head styles between flat and curved. MayPak can accommodate specific brand requirements, with the ability to produce the All Plastic lotion pump in your chosen color.

See more All Plastic Solutions in the catalog or contact MayPak for more details.

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