Recyclable Square Jars for Cosmetics and Skin Care

  • MayPak Packaging

Give your products a youthful twist by using the simplistic square form.

MayPak’s square jar range uses curved corners and a cubical shape to create a clean and inviting pack, that can be easily stacked as a group or put in a neat formation with other products.

The square cap makes it easier to open as opposed to circular caps as they in a natural edge to leverage, even with slippery hands.

Made from PP plastic the jars can be easily cleaned out and recycled in the main recycling system after use.

Choose from two different styles, with the MP6254 featuring a flat surface or the MP6255 using a more rounded domed cap. Coming in sizes 5g up to 50g the jars are applicable for specialized treatments, samples and personal care packs.

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