Universal testing machine range (0.5 - 5 kN)

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Universal testing machines (single column)

Mecmesin offers a wide range of universal testing machines (UTM) for tension and compression testing.

At the top end, our MultiTest-i systems are driven by the powerful Emperor™ control and analysis software on a separate PC, while our production-level testers in the MultiTest-xt series offer touch-screen ease of use and rapid processing. All of these systems give fully programmed control and accurate, repeatable testing, with test libraries for instant recall.

Our budget level motorised stands combine very flexibly with our extremely accurate digital force gauges for more occasional or varied requirements. They can be used with our Emperor Lite™ data acquisition software to take the captured data onto a PC for review and analysis.

Packaging force testing solutions

At Mecmesin we design force testing systems and fixtures for packaging products of all kinds, so that you can apply industry standard test methods in both design, and on the production floor for quality control. Our Emperor™ control and analysis software is powerful and flexible for reliable, accurate, repeatable testing at the push of a button.

Closures, caps and stoppers

How likely are leaks or customer frustrations with difficulty in openability?  Consumer packaging, especially in beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, employs a wide variety of closures, from flip-caps to wine corks. Many are fitted with tamper-evident, pilfer-proof or child-resistant features. Flip caps, push-fit closures and elastomeric vial closures can all be measured using Mecmesin MultiTest stands, for tensile measurement.

Cosmetics packaging

Cosmetics packaging frequently features the means of application and dispensing, including, pumps, sprays, and rollers. Many are designed for repeated use over considerable time.

Food containers

Food containers, packaging and trays provide mechanical protection for contents. The seal for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), or for retorts and pouches of fluid contents, clearly must provide maximum seal but be readily opened by peel or tear. For stocking and stacking in-store, trays and cartons require crush resilience, whilst lids, closures and perforations must be user-friendly.


How are you top-load testing your bottles? Will those sachets burst if they are packed too tightly? What are your stacking limits based on? Plastic bottles and containers combine attractive design with precise engineering to ensure economy of materials with user-attractiveness, ease of use, packing density, and strength.

International standard methods for column crush are reliably applied using Mecmesin MultiTest universal testers, with all the versatility for performing related test requirements on closures and transit packaging.

Paper-based goods

The virtue of paper is in being highly printable, with good tensile strength. Its tear properties make it suitable for intended easy opening, but can present difficulties in handling. Mechanised print and production moves paper at very high speeds, so understanding the tear resistance of each paper type and its friction properties is very important so that machinery can be properly adjusted. With so many paper types from different sources, and their varieties of coatings, a Mecmesin MultiTest universal tester, programmed for each type of test, is an invaluable cost and time saving investment.

Pharmaceutical and sterile packaging

If you manufacture or supply pharmaceutical and sterile packaging, you need accurate and reliable computer-controlled testing systems to apply industry standard test methods. The most stringent standards apply to pharmaceutical and sterile packaging. Designed for maximum seal but minimum peel, aseptic semi-rigid and flexible packaging must survive sterilization processes and retain total integrity to the point of use, and then be opened, often with surgical gloves, in a predictable and controlled way.

Equally, elastomeric vial closures and blister packs must perform reliably, as must any external packaging. Only accurate and repeatable testing to industry standard methods can ensure full compliance with quality standards. Mecmesin universal MultiTest systems can be programmed with the required standards for rapid and reliable testing, including sample tracing for audit trail.

Retort containers and pouches

Food pouches, popular for packing density and low-volume disposal, rely on welded seams, and have access point closures for peeling, piercing, tearing, and sometimes resealing. Retorts with peel-back lids should not tear or delaminate in the process.

All these tests, for opening, and for resilience in transit and perhaps refrigeration, can be performed with a Mecmesin MultiTest universal tester, fitted with the appropriate grips, fixtures and, if necessary, failure containment.

Tear perforations

Cardboard and paper packaging, bag or paper rolls, regularly employ perforated tear strips for controlled opening and separation. To ensure the die-cutting process is working optimally, samples need to be tested. Specifications and methods will be particular to products, but repeatable testing to expected manual forces as in normal use, is essential.

The pattern of a controlled tear is also important, such that a strip, for example, tears fully end to end without breaking. An affordable Mecmesin tensile tester, with Emperor™ control and analysis software, can perform all your routine packaging tear tests.

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex officially opened the University of Chichester’s new Engineering and Digital Technology Park on 3rd October 2018. Part of the tour of the £35million development, based at the Bognor Regis campus, was a visit to the Department of Engineering and Design. The laboratory features several Mecmesin force measurement machines, notably a 50 kN OmniTest Universal Testing Machine (UTM); a state-of-the-art software-controlled materials testing system.

Methods of force and torque testing for food packaging quality

Packaging solutions for food are incredibly diverse; in all aspects of physical design, mechanical function and aesthetic appeal. Their purpose is more straightforward: be safe, secure, yet easy to open, close or reliably re-seal; dispense cleanly and efficiently; minimise loss and waste; maximise shelf life; be cost-effective to manufacture and ultimately recycle or dispose of. Add to that, the consumer desire for attractive and innovative new designs, and the straightforward ultimate purpose can become quite involved in terms of meeting each individual challenge.

Mecmesin white paper: Force testing in medical tubing

Plastic medical tubing is central to the provision of effective health care in the 21st century. It is essential for the delivery of blood, nutrients and gases to the patient, and for the execution of minimally invasive surgical procedures such as cardiac angioplasty, which have proliferated widely over recent years. This article examines four force testing procedures for plastic medical tubing and explores the benefits and methodological considerations of each.

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