ASTM D3198 Testing of Child-resistant Closures - Mecmesin Torque Measurement

  • Mecmesin

Measuring the application and removal torque on threaded containers

Mecmesin's digital torque testers are use to measure the performance of Child-resistant closures according to ASTM D3198. The portable, battery powered hand operated Tornado can be used anywhere, while the motorised Vortex-xt provides a constant test speed for reliable repeatability of testing.

Test summary

This ASTM test method describes the procedure for pre-conditioning containers and their closures before measuring the torque needed to close the container, and then open it again. The results can be of use for rating the performance of automatic capping machines, observing the tendency of closures to loosen during storage or shipment, or the force required to break hard plastic and overturn or “strip” soft plastic and metal closures.

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