Cosmetic packaging pull-off test

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A bench-top testing system was required to repeatably test the pull-off force on a variety of cosmetic containers. The system needed to allow a relatively high volume of containers to be tested with the minimum level of training required for users.

The customer also required a torque tester to determine the torque necessary to operate the lipstick barrel.


To avoid the risk of damaging the loadcell by excessive torque on tightening the collet grip, the lipstick barrel was first inserted in the grip and then connected to the gauge by a flexible chain-link.

Dedicated fixtures were used to hold the cosmetic containers. The lipstick container was held by a 'fork' shaped grip on the base of the test stand. The internal barrel (in which the lipstick was held) was secured using an adjustable collet grip.

The nail-varnish container was held in a simple V-block vice. The cap was removed by first applying a disposable adhesive pad with loop, then connecting the loop to the gauge's test hook. The adhesive bond was stronger than the pull-off force required to remove the cap. The motorised test stand ensured the necessary level of repeatability was achieved.


  • Motorised Test Stand
  • AFG 250N
  • Dedicated Fixtures
  • 1.5N.m Torque Tester

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Food packaging made from thermoformed plastics and intended for freezing, requires testing to ensure optimum functionality when closing and sealing the container. The closing effort of the lid is measured by using a motorised force tester controlled by software together with a custom-designed fixture to hold standard-sized ice cream tubs. In addition the ‘top-load’ crush strength of the container itself can also be tested on the same machine to guarantee it is rigid enough to avoid buckling and spillage when the lid is applied.

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