Mecmesin's materials testers

One of the missions for materials scientists is to deliver more efficient processes of developing lighter, stronger and more long-lasting materials.

Testing the physical strength properties of materials, in accordance with international or in-house standards, is a key part of determining their characteristics to better understand the effects of process improvements.

After all, if a material used in a product is defective, then the product itself may be defective.

With this in mind, Mecmesin has designed a range of static-load Materials Testers powered by intuitive VectorPro™ MT software. It meets the challenge of being versatile yet easy-to-use with minimal operator training and it’s guaranteed not to break your budget.

Mecmesin Materials Testers lend themselves perfectly to the most common tensile and compressive tests on materials as diverse as rubbers, plastics, woods, metals, fabrics, composites and geomaterials.

Whether it be for incoming Quality Assurance, R&D or Quality Control purposes you can rely on them to accurately and reliably measure the strength of your materials – all backed up by a global distribution network to support you wherever you may be testing.

Contact Mecmesin to find out more about the company's materials testing options.

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A bench-top testing system was required to repeatably test the pull-off force on a variety of cosmetic containers. The system needed to allow a relatively high volume of containers to be tested with the minimum level of training required for users. Mecmesin's solution avoided the risk of damaging the loadcell by excessive torque on tightening the collet grip, and the lipstick barrel was first inserted in the grip and then connected to the gauge by a flexible chain-link.

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