Ring Crush Test (RCT) of paperboard

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A number of test methods and standards employed by various industry bodies call upon specific crush fixtures and associated accessories to be used in conjunction with a compression tester. Mecmesin has developed a range of ECT, FCT and RCT fixtures to meet the demands of the most commonly used standards for testing paperboard, fibreboard, and corrugated fibreboard.

The ring crush test correlates with edgewise compression strength of paperboard, within an ideal thickness range. The in-plane crush resistance of the components of the board from which a fiberboard container is made is influential in the overal resistance to crushing of the packaging. The in-plane crush resistance of the liner components can be measured by the ring crush test.

The video gives an example of the Ring Crush Test (RCT) of paperboard, such as liner for corrugated fibreboard packaging material. This test method is applicable to ISO 12192, TAPPI T822 and similar. The accuracy of the test is optimised by self-adjusting or ideally a precision guide fixture to keep the upper and lower plates exactly parallel.

Open the Ring Crush Test pdf document.

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