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Menshen products offer you a diverse range of the best quality available, whether for individual color design, tamper evidence, child safety, or degassing – the choice is yours! Tradition and progress have typified MENSHEN for more than five decades. The owner-operated company was formed in 1970 in the city of Finnentrop in the Sauerland region and now has a total of 13 locations across eleven countries. A site was created in the USA within two years of the company’s foundation in the form of Waldwick Plastics.

Plastic Closures and Sponge Applicators available in different colours for Bottles and Tubes.

Leveraging our global presence to deliver local solutions. Offering a comprehensive range of standard and customized weldspouts for a variety of product applications, either filled through the spout or through the pouch.
Collaborating with partners across the supply chain to deliver optimal solutions. Developing total package solutions and delivering commercially-ready innovations.
A multi-disciplinary team, dedicated to meet technical and commercial market needs, is on-hand to support you. Delivering high-quality products that meet stringent funcionalyity & safety requirements.
Your partner in the world of weldspouts.

Safety has a top priority in the chemical industry. All chemical packaging and closures, in particular, play an extremely important role because they prevent any leakage of chemicals and thus protect people and the environment.

Chemical closures from MENSHEN meet all the required quality and safety standards, even in large series. Thanks to sophisticated manufacturing processes, permanent quality assurance, and production monitoring, we can guarantee the utmost reliability in our closure solutions.


Coffee capsules available in a wide range of different colours.

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