MingFeng’s customizable packaging service: “FOCUS” watch box

For decades, MingFeng Packaging has been the leading manufacturer in the creation of innovative packaging designs online with a brand history of luxurious watches. For MingFeng, a watch is more than an accessory, it represents a unique identity and exceptional character that requires protection with customizable packaging.

MingFeng’s latest customization project - the FOCUS watch box - is meticulously crafted and designed, an integral part of the branding concept. Mimicking a camera lens, and with a fantastically high visual impact, the FOCUS watch box provides the perfect packaging to protect watches.

By combining different materials and fabrics, MingFeng successfully refines the watch box with a premium texture. The classic black base and lid feature gold coil embellishment on the interface designed to highlight the entire design. Made with ABS injection components and then covered in detail with the necessary decoration and fabric, it takes between 60 and 90 days to finalize the production cycle for each batch.

The sophisticated style of the “FOCUS” watch box is an ultimate result of MingFeng’s quest for nobility and exquisiteness, exemplified by the luxurious packaging and customization.

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