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MJS Packaging has introduced a new trigger sprayer that has all the basic features at a market leading price.  The sprayer comes in a 28-400 finish, allowing it to be paired with a wide variety of bottles ranging in capacity from eight to 64 ounces.  It features a two-finger trigger, Spray Stream and Off settings, and a .75ml output.

Dip tubes are available in customized lengths to ensure the best fit into any package.  This trigger sprayer is best suited for use in the household, industrial and automotive markets.

MJS Packaging recognizes that many companies prefer to customize the color of their trigger sprayers to best complement their entire package, and is offering custom colors at low minimums.  A white/white option is also being stocked in Michigan for quick fulfillment.

With a minimal investment, customers can choose to customize the shroud with their specified logo, text or basic graphic to ensure a distinct look.

Every year, MJS Packaging sells tens of millions of trigger sprayers as the company is adept and very experienced in finding the best trigger sprayers to meet all needs.

A major packaging distributor founded in 1885, MJS Packaging operates eight sales offices throughout the U.S.  Corporate website is

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