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Four proven methods to love your product packaging

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Between product changes and market dynamics, it can be incredibly challenging to keep your product packaging updated. If you want your best packaging though, it should get more than an update.

With that in mind, we are asking an important question: do you really love your product packaging? If you're not sure, here are a few ways to build a better connection and attract more consumers, too.

Fall in Love with Your Product Packaging All Over Again
Don't lose to competition. Get Consumers to love your product packaging.Much like a first date, your brand needs to make a great first impression. After all, your product may only have one chance before a consumer considers a competitor. It might be on the shelf or arriving at their home as a result of an online purchase, but your product packaging should provide a great representation of your product.

If you want your consumers to love your product packaging, you need to take the lead. Your packaging should provide an optimal representation of your brand. From design to functionality and other factors, too, here are several easy tips focused on causing sparks to fly.

1. Be Authentic
Many of today's consumers want genuine products. They want brands to be of a higher standard and true to what they really are. To make sure your product packaging is an authentic representation of your brand, make sure you choose the right packaging materials.

Most commonly, this means using sustainable materials for eco-friendly products, investing in glass for high-end products, and considering resealable, flexible packaging for on-the-go snacks.

2. Be Useful
If you want to dial back your packaging in some way or cut costs, think twice before skimping on functionality. Select trigger sprayers that last for the life of the product. Design your bottles (or tubes) so every last drop of moisturizer is easy to get out. Make sure your resealable pouches are easy to open and close back up.

Consumers don't just appreciate product packaging that functions well, they demand it.

3. Communicate Clearly
Chances are that you have probably used call-out boxes and feature highlights before on your packaging. Both can be great to sell your product and what you put into it. However, we recommend a thoughtful approach to other design decisions as well.

Oftentimes, subtle aspects play a significant role. Consumers know you have them in mind when your product packaging clearly communicates the product features, benefits, and directions that matter to them.

Specifically, think about seniors and how text size and font choice matter. With new moms, be clear and succinct. With eco-minded consumers, choose aesthetics and substance that fits a sustainable mindset. Whichever demographics you target, consider whether the label is really geared toward them.

4. Prepare to Compete
How well do you know your competition? Private label brands are typically very familiar as they look to mimic a national brand equivalent, but are you prepared to set your brand apart?

In order to compete against consumers' many options, you need to have a good understanding of them. Get acquainted with how they package their product, how their product performs, and how they pitch their product.

Differentiation is key. Look for ways design and function can help your product stand above the rest.

Make the First Move for Better Packaging
If you saw your product for the first time ever, would it be love at first sight? If not, is it at least positioned to win someone over?

You can love your product packaging again. Contact us today to find out how.



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