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How to make nutrition label changes work for your brand

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Change can certainly be difficult, but our packaging experts are driven to make it easier for your business. Recent updates from the FDA have put our teams to task again, so make sure you have the tips you need to make nutrition label changes work for your brand.

We Understand the Challenge
Choose the right path for your brand when you prepare for nutrition label changes.There is something to the fact that you cannot spell challenge without 'c-h-a-n-g-e'. After all, many changes are a challenge and many challenges require change. This is especially true in manufacturing and it leaves many businesses at a crossroads.

Those changes are often tough and they can require significant number-crunching. It can take more time and effort than a manufacturer wants to commit. Sometimes a business cannot even change the deadline for what must be done. If you are thinking about preparing for the recent FDA-compliant nutrition facts label changes, all of those circumstances may seem unfortunately familiar. Don't worry though, help is near.

Thankfully, we have been around long enough to see an extensive list of changes to packaging requirements. This includes a similar circumstance with the FDA a few decades ago.

When manufacturers were faced with such change in the 1990s, the challenge was significant. Consumer packaged goods manufacturers opposed it for a few reasons, including the time, money, and resources they would have to put in.

Ultimately though, the FDA made its case and manufacturers had to adapt to the nutrition label changes. Much like the times before when regulations have moved the goal posts, we worked to help our customers make the most of the situation.

Tips for How to Deal with Nutrition Label Changes
When the FDA mandates a change, it is not a question of 'if' you adapt. However, we can help you with when, how, and what you do to meet the new requirements and improve your packaging, too.

Whether you are working toward a 2018 or 2019 target date for nutrition label changes, look out for these opportunities to enhance your brand.

Make Additional Updates
Consumer feedback is an important reason behind the new nutrition label changes. As you make the needed modifications to your labels, consider other updates that may elicit a positive response from consumers. This could mean additional changes to the labeling or changes to the entire package. Give them what they really want!

Consider giving them better information in other ways, switch to a better format, material, or any number of countless possibilities. If you are not sure what to include, remember that our experts can help.

Build Credibility
Is your packaging forthcoming with information about the product? Does your product incorporate real ingredients? Is your packaging sustainable? Those are just a few factors that go into delivering a message of authenticity with your product.

As nutrition label changes are meant to bring a better focus on ingredients and how they affect consumers, it is a great time to adjust your packaging. It can do wonders to attract new purchases and it may even tap into the growing craft movement.

Learn from Europe
EU Regulation 1169/2011 requires more transparent disclosure of ingredients and nutritional facts. This may sound similar to the recent changes in FDA requirements but it also affects front-of-package claims. Since this could be next for the U.S., it could pay off to get ahead of this possibility and generate appeal with consumers.

Hone Your Message About Serving Sizes
Serving sizes, for the most part, are increasing. Consider how consumers will react to the increased fat and calories noted on the package. Consider also if this be offset by a new claim like how the packaging has "increased protein". There are several ways to go about it and market your product servings based on the new changes. Whether this may be a positive, a negative, or a neutral change for your business, savvy brands will consider how this makes the consumer feel.

Get Ahead of Your Competition
Most manufacturers have 18 months to make their nutrition label changes, but procrastination has an opportunity cost. Why wait when you can get out ahead of your competition and get it done first. This could be your chance to establish a leadership position for your brand, regardless of its size.

Turn an Obstacle into an Opportunity
New FDA requirements can be looked at as a nuisance or an opportunity. We prefer to look at it as an opportunity and we are demonstrating what that can look like for your business.

Start today and explore the potential this brings to your brand!

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