6 Great closure ideas to perfectly dispense your products

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You’ve created the perfect product, designed the ideal bottle, and crafted the best label design yet. What else could you possibly need? Well, there’s one thing you shouldn’t overlook – how the product is going to be dispensed. The product has to come out of the bottle somehow, right?

We spend a lot of time talking about product packaging, which makes sense – MJS Packaging is a packaging solutions provider, after all. However, it’s now time to give dispensing closures the highlight they deserve.

6 Dispensing Closure Ideas

Let's break down some of the basic options, descriptions and uses for your dispensing closures.

  1. Perfect For Spices… And Fertilizer! When we think of shaking a product out of its container, we often think of spices first. Spice packaging typically uses closures that have a combination of different sized holes (orifices) and flaps, which can easily accommodate a spoon or measuring spoon. Flaps help to dispense larger quantities, as well. While these types of dispensing closures might be most familiar to us for our kitchen spices, they’re commonly used in fertilizers, too.

  2. Flip Top or Disk Top? With many lotions and dish detergents, a simple flip top, disc top, or push/pull closure is all that's needed. Shampoo and conditioner bottles commonly utilize a flip top, while many household soaps use push/pull closures. As long as the orifice works with the viscosity of your product, it's a match!

  3. Detergent Solutions. Liquid laundry detergents can call for several types of dispensing closures. For larger, club-sized bottles, a spigot is often used for easy dispensing. For smaller, hand-held bottles, consumers like a clean pour into a cap that also serves as a cup with measurements.

  4. Droppers & Pumps. For nasal and ophthalmic products, various dropper tips and pumps are available to deliver anything from a controlled drop to a fine mist.

  5. Yorkers. Yorker spouts are typically used for glues and other adhesive products, with a small cap on top to keep the product from drying out.

  6. Pipettes. With some serums, essential oils, and medications, dispensing closures need to have dropper application capabilities with a pipette. The actual pipette itself can either be glass or plastic, and usually also has measurements on it so consumers can dispense the perfect amount of product.

For many products, a dispensing closure is really paramount to ensuring a positive consumer experience with your product. Whether it's the ideal orifice size for shaking out your spice or the correct spigot for dispensing liquid laundry detergent, the closure plays a big role.

If you’ve been thinking of other ways to make dispensing your products easy and functional for your customers, we’ve created a list of 6 great ideas for you. if you’re ready for MJS Packaging to provide even more packaging solutions, contact us!

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