Mold Rite Plastics in the food sector

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The union of Weatherchem, Stull, and Mold-Rite under this last firm's banner has created a specialized packaging conglomerate that can work with just about any sector requiring containment or dispensing for its products.

Mold-Rite produces a number of closures that have been specifically designed to cater to the food industry, offering some of the best dispensing available for a number of pourable products, like sauces, dressings, honey, and more.

The company's Ultra Light Flip Top is a great example. It's a light weight item and is ideal for sauces and dressings that require squeezable dispensing. The interior of the closure features a special "liquid trap" design. Since many sauces will separate when stored and water will rise to the top, the "liquid trap" retains the separated liquid while allowing the sauce to flow freely, with an ingenious and award-winning design.

Mold-Rite's MegaFlap, on the other hand, is designed for food powders and health products. It's the ideal topper for products that are big, bulky, and that are often heavy and hard to handle. At 120mm wide, it's one of the largest closures available, with a full open orifice for easy access, and a clean, contemporary look for maximum shelf impact. It also features an under-the-lid, scoop retention feature, which means consumers can always have their scoops ready to be used instead of having them burrow down into the product, whether it's a protein powder, chocolate milk mix, or baby formula.

The LiquiFlapper is also ideal for the food industry. It features a handy cut-off spout where tilting the container back slightly immediately cuts off the flow of product. A simple and elegant solution, this gives the consumer a very high level of control over the flow rate. The LiquiFlapper’s butterfly hinge also means the lid stays open while pouring, so it doesn’t create a mess by getting in the way of the liquid’s flow, and the teardrop orifice eliminates glugging by allowing air to pass over the outbound stream of liquid. It's perfect for all sorts of milk products, juices, syrups, and drinks of all sorts.

Regardless of the sort of food product offered, Mold-Rite has a closure to top it!

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