Monomaterial make-up stick

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Sustainable packaging is important to consumers, therefore packaging that can be recycled after use is imperative. MYC's LF8806B stick is produced from a single material, PP plastic to ensure that it can enter the recycling stream easily and its material re-used.

In addition to being a sustainable packaging solution, this 100% PP stick is airtight to ensure the integrity of the product over a longer period of time and is suitable for bottom filling.

The round stick benefits a ø18mm cup size and is ideal for a range of make-up products including blush, highlighter and blendable foundation.

This stick is one of MYC's ZeroWaste PP products, along with the LF8802 which is an extended length version.

MYC also has lipstick and stylo versions, LF8807 and LF8808 respectively, and they are all available with both top and back filling.

See other stick and lipstick options in the product catalog.

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