MYC backs waterless beauty trend with plentiful packaging options

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Waterless beauty products are not new, however, the trend has been gaining momentum during the past few years as consumer awareness of environmental issues has been heightened.

The removal of water from cosmetic products typically results in solid or powder formulations. Waterless personal care products very often prepared so that the consumer can use the product in the shower so that the water from the shower activates the product.

In colour cosmetics, this same concept is sometimes used — for example dry rouge that requires a drop of water in order for the top layer of the formulation to liquify in order to apply the blush colour to the cheek —, or more typically the product is applied directly to the skin in a dry or powder form so that the consumer can build up the colour's intensity with layers, according to their own preference for a dynamic or more natural finished look.

Waterless beauty packaging options

MYC has an excellent selection of make-up sticks, cosmetic jars, compacts and palettes in its packaging catalog that are ideal for brands that offer waterless beauty products.

Stick's are perfect for waterless products in solid format. MYC has both chubby and slim sticks available in its selection including a jumbo, mono-material PP stick which also benefits from being airtight (LF8802), plus a short-sized version of the same (LF8806). Slimline sticks are offered in 100% PP (LF8804-1), or with an aluminium exterior for a higher-end look (LF8804AB).

Highlights from MYC's jar options include a shake and go sifter (RC8802), or one of the company's loose powder jars, such as RJ8808, which has the advantage of a mirror in the cap for the user's convenience.

MYC has an excellent selection of both compacts and palettes for waterless make-up in a range of shapes and sizes. Choices include a refillable compact (RC8809C) so that the product can simply be replaced once it has been used up - saving both water and packaging resources.

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