Mascara reloaded! Meet MYC's REFILL ME! mascara

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Meet the latest members of MYC’s REFILL ME! collection: the mascaras. Thanks to a smart refill system, the packs can be reused and refilled again, and again!

Simply pull out the cap, unscrew the collar, pull out the cartridge and insert a new one.

Featuring a qualitative click closure and a PP inner bottle for high compatibility with most formulas, the REFILL ME! mascaras are available with OFC of 12.7ml and 14.6ml. The luxurious aluminum outer case can be retained as the inner is replaced and personalized with multiple decoration techniques. Plus, both bottle and cap can be weighted for an added premium feel.

For a major reduction in carbon footprint, all components can be supplied with recycled materials from fully traceable sources.

To deliver different makeup looks, the packs can be paired with both molded and twisted-wire fiber brushes, including bio-based options.

Get in touch with your sales rep to learn more about MYC’s REFILL ME! solutions and sustainability strategy!

Pack codes: MM8827 (standard), MM8828 (maxi), MM8830 (maxi short)

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