Two 'heads' are better than one!

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Introducing MYC’s double-ended mechanical pencils: the ideal tool for touch-ups and on-the-go eye makeup.

The brow version features a retractable pencil with a distinctive triangular-shaped tip to outline the desired brow shape while the fiber brush at the other end is to apply tinted gel for full and natural-looking brows.

With OFC of 4.1ml, the PP inner bottle in PP provides high compatibility with most formulas. Plus, to reduce packaging waste and environmental impact, a refill option is also available so that when the product is finished, the user can simply pull the cartridge out and insert a new one.

The eyeshadow version allows for effortless application in one stroke. The built-in sharpener is to reshape the tip for ultimate precision, while the sponge blender can be used to smudge and create a perfect smokey cat-eye look. Furthermore, its airtight closure prevents the product from drying out.

All components are available with post-consumer recycled content and can be highly decorated with multiple techniques.

Get in touch with your sales rep to learn more!

Pack codes: DP2113F (standard), DP2114F (refillable), P3305 (smudger), P3306 (sharpener)

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