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Neville and More embraces the digital age

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Neville and More knows its clientele very well, therefore the company offers an excellent selection of fundamental primary packaging choices for a range of different markets. The Neville and More difference is the company's ability to ensure that its stock products are both high-quality and appealing.

The other factor which makes the British packaging stockist stand out from the crowd is its exceptional customer service. To service the company's customers to an even greater level, Neville and More has prepared an online 3D exhibition stand so that its clientele can see for themselves what is new in the company's stock portfolio.

Embracing the digital age full on, Neville and More has added an online exhibition stand into its digital communications mix

"We're in the digital age: We have our news online and we have our product catalogue online. One of the most exciting things about the digital age is that customers look for information across the internet day and night, and from different locations, so we wanted to do something new in order to reflect that. As travel options have been limited in the past year, an online exhibition stand was a logical choice."

Neville and More's 3D stand has been expertly designed to ensure that its products are the primary focus. Visitors to expomaker.com/expo/nevilleandmore immediately have their sight drawn to 2 product walls where 3D models of its top packaging products are carefully placed on blue shelving with 3D plants interspersed between.

In addition to highlighting the company's extensive ranges of airless bottles; amber, clear, cobalt and emerald dropper packs; foamers; jars, PET beverage bottles and more products in aluminium and glass, Neville and More has strategically placed access to the company's online catalogue, product news and brochures in the centrepoint of the 3D booth so that visitors can click to fine out more.

"Our 3D exhibition stand is 100% free to access by anyone with a computer. Simply click on the link and see for yourself how we continue to innovate, and offer the British market exceptional choices for stock packaging."

Visit the Neville and More 3D exhibition stand.

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